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Pet Services

Puppies and Kittens


From puppies and kittens to the more senior dogs and cats, it is important to keep a check on their health.

Contact the surgery for advice on flea, tick and worming control.

Adults and Seniors


As our pet ages it is important to give them a little bit of extra care. We run a geriatric clinic where we can offer advice and treatment for your mature/elderly pet. With our on site laboratory we are able to offer blood samples and urine checks to make sure your pet's vital organs are functioning well.
It is important to keep your pet's teeth and gums in good working order.
We offer dietary and dental advice

Preventative Treatment


Puppies and Kittens are given a full health check at the time of their 1st vaccination. We will also give owners advice on worming, parasite control, microchipping, behaviour, dental hygiene, dietary advice and any other worries you may have as a pet owner. As adults, dogs and cats are given annual vaccinations. Here we can check on your pet's health.


Rabbits are also vaccinated from the age of 6 weeks. There are two types of diseases which your rabbit can be protected against including myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease. We also offer free nail clipping and
dental check at the time of consultation.


Ferrets are becoming increasingly more popular as they make great, fun pets.
Just like dogs, cats and rabbits, we offer to check over your ferret and give advice on vaccinating, microchipping, nail clipping and parasite control

Small Pets

guinea pig

Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and gerbils can also benefit from a health check. Whether it's feeding, teeth or nail clipping, parasite control, advice about general husbandry or any other concerns you may have regarding your pet's health, we are here to help.



We have a fully equipped theatre with piped gas. Anaesthetics can be regually monitored by ECG and pulse oximetry throughout procedures.

We have 2 x-ray and ultrasound machines, blood pressure monitor, dentistry equipment and a full range of surgical instruments for routine operations up to cruciate repairs and bone pinning and plating

Alternative Medicine

blue bottles

We also offer complementary therapies such as homeopathy, laser therapy, (PetTHOR) dermatology, rehabilitation, reiki I and II and behavioural advice.

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